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solidThinking Inspire 2018 live demo

9 February 2018

A new version of solidThinkin Inspire 2018 is already available! On behalf of solidThinking, we invite you to join the live demo, during which the latest features and improvements will be shown and you will learn how to:

  • generate optimized lattice and mixed solid – lattice structures, visualize simulation results in 3D, and export lattice designs in a .stl file format for 3D printing,
  • view and interactively assign loads to load cases and import / export design loads in .csv file format with the new Load Cases Table,
  • design for additive manufacturing with overhang shape controls to help reduce overhangs to create more self-supporting structures,
  • automatically optimize the fit of PolyNURBS CAD geometry to generative design results with the new PolyNURBS Fit Tool.

Live demo is planned on 13th of February 2018. There are three possible hours to choose from:




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