List of Open Training Courses

1. HyperMesh Basic:

  • Shell meshing (geometry development and repair, mid-surfaces, mesh quality analysis and optimization)
  • 1D models
  • 3D geometry and meshing (tetra and hexa meshes)
  • HyperMesh as a pre-processor for selected solvers

2. HyperMesh Advanced:

  • HyperView as a post-processor
  • Morphing
  • 2D and 3D mesh editing and quality improvement options
  • Creating pre-defined connectors
  • Methods for connecting areas with different mesh types
  • Automation of the modeling process: Process Manager, BatchMesher
  • Introduction to TCL programming

3. OptiStruct:

  • Introduction to optimization
  • Theoretical background
  • Graphical interface and task definition
  • Structure optimization at the conceptual design stage (topology, topography, free-size)
  • Structure optimization at the product development stage (size, shape, free-shape)

4. RADIOSS Explicit:

  • HyperMesh/Radioss Block interface and capabilities
  • Explicit modeling of steel structures
  • Crash-test methodology; types of virtual dummies
  • Overview of material damage mechanisms
  • Rubber and thermoplastics modeling
  • Acoustics in Radioss Block
  • Tips&Tricks: Increase analysis efficiency

5. HyperStudy:

  • HyperStudy: range of applications and interfaces
  • DOE algorithm selection and influence on design space testing efficiency
  • Optimization: HyperStudy and OptiStruct as complementary applications
  • Stochastic analysis methodology


  • Overview of FEMFAT
    • modularity
    • FEM solvers supported
    • material database
    • proportional loads
    • a constant or variable amplitude
    • basic and advanced influence factors
    • key algorithms: Rainflow, ESCP
  • Non-linear elements
    • ChannelMAX: parallel time histories of loads
    • plasticity: PLAST, BREAK, TRANS
    • VISUALISER graphical interface
    • basic functions
    • welding seam analysis: WELD
  • Developer and special functions

Plus dedicated training courses, custom-designed to meet user’s requirements. For more information about available training, please contact our sales consultant.