FEMFAT (Finite Element Method Fatigue)

FEMFAT uses the Finite Element Method and provides tools for fatigue life prediction (FLP).
The software is dedicated specifically to analysing road and rail vehicle subassemblies, such as chassis, frames, motors, transmissions, bodies and vehicle equipment. FEMFAT and its modules can be used to analyse complex multi-axial loads, to assess welded joints, pressure-welded joints, steel and aluminium rivets. FEMFAT allows you to assess structural elements which are subject to thermal and mechanical loads, with reference to material plasticity, high temperature (oxidation) and creep.
FEMFAT Module Overview:
  • FEMFAT BASIC – FE-based software for predicting the fatigue life/damage and endurance safety factors of components. Includes comprehensive FE-interfaces and material database.
  • FEMFAT PLAST – A software module to consider the effects of mean stress rearrangement when local plastic deformation occurs.
  • FEMFAT MAX – A software module for fatigue analysis of MultiAXially loaded components using time histories of loads or series of stress states.
  • FEMFAT WELD – A software module for fatigue analysis of welding seams for steel and aluminum using notch stress method and standards (DIN 15018, EUROCODE 3 and 9, BS 7608, IIW).
  • FEMFAT SPOT – A software module for predicting fatigue of spot-joints (welds, rivets) in FE-shell structures.
  • FEMFAT BREAK – A software module for assessing static safety factors.
  • FEMFAT HEAT – A software module for the low cycle fatigue analysis of components which are exposed to thermo mechanical loads (e.g. cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds).
  • FEMFAT STRAIN – A software module for assessing damage from measured strains and comparing stresses from FEA and testing.
  • FEMFAT VISUALIZER – A fast, 3D postprocessor to display the FE-model, fatigue results and imported stresses including a feature to generate animations.
  • FEMFAT SPECTRAL – A software module to use Power Spectral Densities (PSD) for fatigue analysis in frequency domain for both BASIC and MAX analysis.
  • FEMFAT DATACRYPT – Fatigue results are only as good as the material data which have been used for the analysis. DATACRYPT helps to protect your data while outsourcing projects.
  • FEMFAT PARALLEL – Take the advantage to use more than only one CPU of your multicore workstation to speed up your analysis.
  • FEMFAT LAB – Is the binding link between test track, laboratory and CAE.
Features and Benefits: 
  • the leading fatigue software for the automotive and railway industries,
  • high rate of analysis, flexibility and user-friendliness,
  • reliable results for fatigue strength of structures, obtained to improve critical locations,
  • high quality of prototypes, fewer tests required,
  • wide interface selection: ABAQUS, ADAMS, ANSYS, COSMOS, HyperMesh, I-DEAS, LS-DYNA, MEDINA, NASTRAN, nCode, PATRAN, Pro/MECHANICA, SIMPACK, TOSCA and more,
  • verified by multiple tests at the ECS MAGNA Powertrain in-house laboratory,
  • an open database (materials, welds).