Licensing model

Altair is a pioneer of the unit-based software licensing model. According to the traditional model, customers acquire rights to use a particular application or a suite of programs. The licensing model based on Altair units is different from the traditional one because it allows customers to license a pool of units for their organization, providing individual users with flexible access to the entire application portfolio of software applications along with over 150 partner products.

How does Altair HyperWorks license work?

Units received with Altair HyperWorks license are stored in the pool. When the user launches any application available on the platform or a partner application, the appropriate number of units is being blocked in the pool. When the user exits the application, the units are returned to the pool and become available to all users again.

Explanation of Altair HyperWorks licensing rules

Altair HyperWorks platform – available licenses

The perpetual license (Paid-Up) is generated for a year and automatically renewed for the next one after the above deadline. You pay for the software once. Optionally, every year you can buy maintenance which provides access to upgrades and updates as well as technical assistance. If you decide not to purchase maintenance, updates and support are not available.

Annual Lease oincludes service coverage and is valid for one year starting from the date of purchase. After this period, the license can be renewed for another period by placing a new order. maintenance provides access to current updates and assistance in resolving common software problems.

Altair HyperWorks platform – hardware requirements

Altair HyperWorks installation kits are available for various operating systems: Windows, Linux, OS X. They include installation files for individual programs along with installation instructions, technical information and tutorials. They are available for download after registration on the Altair website.

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