Altair Hyperworks platform programs

The Altair HyperWorks platform includes complete CAE solutions for performing numerical calculations and simulations of production processes. The HyperWorks platform includes, among others, the following programs:

Model preparation and results processing:
  • HyperMesh – a universal platform for creating and editing numerical models, a converter between individual CAE programs
  • HyperView – neutral environment for visualizing MES, CFD, MBD results
  • HyperGraph – a postprocessor for visualization of results in a graphic form
  • HyperCrash – a tool for simulating passenger safety and preparing crash analyzes
  • HyperStudy – a DoE (Design of Experiments) tool for approximation and stochastic tests
  • SimLab – an alternative platform for pre- and post-processing dedicated to modeling solid elements
  • Virtual Wind Tunnel – CFD solution dedicated to external aerodynamic tests


Calculation engines (solvers):
  • OptiStruct (Analysis & Optimization) – solver for strength analysis and structural optimization
  • RADIOSS – non-linear solver for crash calculations
  • AcuSolve – CFD solver for simulation of flows and heat exchange
  • MotionSolve – MBD solver for simulation of kinematic and dynamic systems
  • FEKO – EMC solver for high frequency electromagnetic analyzes
  • WinProp – program for modeling wave propagation and radio network planning
  • Flux – solver for simulation of low frequency electromagnetic phenomena and thermal analysis
  • HyperForm – an environment for comprehensive simulations of sheet metal stamping processes
  • HyperXtrude – environment for simulating metal and polymer extrusion processes and optimizing dies parameters
  • Multiscale Designer – a tool for developing and simulating composite models
  • SimSolid – a revolutionary program for gridless structural analysis


Altair solidThinking – for production processes simulations:
  • Inspire – 3D program for conceptual design with the possibility of topological and topographic optimization
  • Evolve – 3D program for hybrid modeling and rendering
  • Inspire Cast (formerly Click2Cast) – environment for simulation of casting processes
  • Inspire Extrude Metal/Polymer (formerly Click2Extrude)- environment for simulation of metal and polymer extrusion processes and optimization of dies parameters
  • Inspire Form (formerly Click2Form) – environment for sheet metal stamping processes
  • Compose – an interactive programming environment for all types of mathematical operations
  • Activate – an intuitive environment for modeling, simulation and optimization of multidisciplinary systems using block diagrams
  • Embed (formerly VisSim Embedded) – visual environment for modeling embedded systems, converter of control schemes into C code


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