Altair solidThinking platform is focused on simulation-driven design solutions that can be applied at an early stage and throughout the entire design process. Works great in industrial design, photorealistic rendering, model-based design, structural optimization, conceptual design or feasibility of production.
Altair solidThinking platform is available under a separate license and also as part of the Altair HyperWorks platform.

Simulation-driven design

Altair solidThinking platform is a combination of innovative technology with a transparent user interface. The platform’s suite of intuitive programs allows you to use computer simulations throughout the entire product design process – from concept development to the production stage. solidThinking solutions allow conducting virtual tests of the product at every stage of its design and production so that potential defects and errors are eliminated already during the project development.

Thanks to the use of the Altair solidThinking platform, apart from usability, the products also focus on quality and durability, as well as production capabilities, which ultimately translates into cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction.

In addition to analyzing the product itself and its structural optimization, Altair solidThinking platform also offers solutions that enable production processes simulation such as casting, extrusion and forming.

Who should work with Altair solidThinking platform?

solidThinking platform is dedicated to both beginners and advanced users. Its use becomes extremely easy thanks to the consistent and intuitive interface. The programs available as a part of Altair solidThinking platform are used in the simulation of production processes, such as sheet metal forming, profile extrusion or casting processes, and due to structural optimization and simulations also at an early stage of conceptual design.

Unit based licensing system

The licensing system based on solidThinking units changes the traditional way of obtaining licenses by eliminating obstacles such as high cost and limited access to the software. Along with the pool of solidThinking units, you get access to all current and future solutions offered as part of the Altair solidThinking platform. In this way you get access to a comprehensive set of applications for design and engineering needs, with no need to purchase individual licenses for individual programs.

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About Altair Engineering

For over 20 years, Altair Engineering has been a pioneer in simulation-driven design and a leading provider of engineering software that supports the work of engineers around the world on a daily basis.
We started our cooperation with Altair in 2007 and since then we have remained to be the only authorized distributor of the Altair HyperWorks platform and Altair solidThinking suite in Poland. Recently, we also offer Altair solutions in Ukraine.