Over the years, computer-aided design (CAD) system geometry has evolved, while CAE analyzes are still based on the same simple finite elements. CAD creates geometry to define design and manufacturing requirements. FEA needs to transform this into a simplified form to define the mesh. This leads to the impossibility of faithfully reproducing geometry in the FEM model. Engineers need to judge which geometric features can be simplified and which can not. It requires knowledge and experience, it is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Altair is changing this approach thanks to the new product – SimSolid. The new method implemented in the SimSolid software does not require creating a finite element mesh. What’s more, no simplification of geometry is required. The solver analyzes the geometry exactly as it is. With a traditional approach to FEM calculations, preparing a model (simplifying geometry and creating a finite element mesh) takes on average about 30% – 70% of project work time. In SimSolid this stage does not occur, which gives the opportunity to devote the obtained time for more accurate analysis of the results and/or to shorten the duration of the entire project.

In SimSolid you can perform the following types of analyses:

  • Linear Static
  • Nonlinear Static
  • Linear Transient
  • Modal
  • Frequency Response, Random Response
  • Thermal
  • Thermal-Stress
  • Inertia Relief
  • Bolt Pretension


5 reasons to choose SimSolid:

  1. Design faster: by introducing simulation early in the design process, users can confidently make design decisions without compromising performance.
  2. Explore more: can analyze complex parts and assemblies not practical with traditional FEA. Tolerant of imprecise geometry.
  3. Boost productivity: both fast and accurate, with solution times typically measured in seconds to minutes, enabling you to analyze and compare multiple design scenarios.
  4. Highly cost effective: offered through Altair’s value-based, flexible licensing model.
  5. Unrivaled support: leverage Altair’s global network of technical support expertise. .