FEM Structural Analysis

DES ART offers comprehensive CAE services for industry and research institutions. Finite Element Method calculations and engineering analyses are an important part of our service range.

We are a team of engineers specialised in vehicle engineering, shipbuilding, fluid mechanics, material engineering and much more. This allows us to set up task teams dedicated to problem solving in various industries.

We have the industry and laboratory know-how and experience in metal treatment, plastics forming, non-destructive methods for assessing material properties, fluid mechanics, heat exchange and electromagnetism. Our services include the static and dynamic structural analysis of machines and equipment, vessel hulls and household appliances. We also provide services covering non-linear issues (plasticity, creep, connector friction), thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

In particular, we recommend our services to:

1. Shipbuilding

  •     hull calculations and structural analysis for all types of ships
  •     analysis of laminated structures
  •     ultimate limit state analysis
  •     fatigue strength analysis
  •     strength analysis of structures under repair or redesign and of damaged structures

2. Automotive

  •     chassis parts
  •     shafts, mountings
  •     transmission and engine housings
  •     transmission and engine parts
  •     generators, sensors

3. Power Engineering

  •     turbogenerators and hydrogenerators
  •     direct current generation
  •     transformers
  •     wind turbines
  •     combined heat & power plant pipelines

4. Railway

  •     analysis of mechanisms and equipment

5. Engineering Industry

  •     all types of machines and equipment
  •     technological processes

6. Consumer Industry – household appliances